TWS Training

West and Jeff took a relaxing 17-mile run on the drought-ridden San Marcos River in central Texas to scout a section of the Texas Water Safari course.

How to plan an Expedition

Hell, I don't know! yet I'm giving a talk about what I've learned about planning a large scale, multi-month, multi-person, expensive expedition in some far away places.

Last day in Ottawa

Last day in Ottawa. It was rainy and we mainly hung out in our comfy hotel room, enjoying the soft beds and indoor plumbing while we still can. I almost wore my cowboy hat out but I just couldn’t [...]

Fun with Friends in Ottawa

On Saturday, we got to spend some quality time with Sean Rowley and Derek Specht who drove down from the Toronto area to hang with us. They host the podcast, Paddling Adventures Radio, and [...]

Wandering Around Ottawa

My sister and Expedition Manager, Barbara Hansen Edington joined us along with my niece, Lauran Edington for a few days during our week-long layover in Ottawa on the way to the Arctic, so we did [...]

The Tornado is Almost Ready for Liftoff

Lessons in irony: typing an extensive blog about being weary, only to have a computer glitch that erases everything I typed, so I have to type it again (sigh). Opportunities For Growth abound. [...]

Training for the Texas Water Safari

I’ve started the 260-mile Texas Water Safari canoe race 25 times and completed it 21 times, with numerous category wins and two overall wins. Expedition partner, Jeff Wueste, and I have [...]

The Zen of Canoe and Kayak Rigging

  There is a lot more involved with canoe/kayak racing and expeditions than training up, getting the right gear and hitting the water. Many outside of our communities know little or nothing [...]

The North Water by Ian McGuire

The action is non-stop and the depths of inhumanity are quite horrible around each corner, as a psychotic crewman wreaks havoc upon anyone crossing his path.

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