The Zen of Canoe and Kayak Rigging

  There is a lot more involved with canoe/kayak racing and expeditions than training up, getting the right gear and hitting the water. Many outside of our communities know little or nothing [...]

The North Water by Ian McGuire

The action is non-stop and the depths of inhumanity are quite horrible around each corner, as a psychotic crewman wreaks havoc upon anyone crossing his path.

High Island to the finish!

After sleeping near the ferry landing on Boliver Peninsula, the team got started around 7:30 am. They stopped roughly every 10 miles, taking a break from the strong headwinds they’ve experienced [...]

Crystal Beach

They are inching closer to Sabine Pass every day. Today, found the team facing 10-13 mph headwinds all the way along Galveston Island. It certainly made for slow going.

Sargent to Galveston!

The team got a little bit of a late start this morning. Unfortunately, the mud got the better of the truck and Pam was stuck. They guys attempted to push her out but the mud won. She eventually [...]

Matagorda to Sargent

It seems as if the team has gotten into a productive rhythm each day. They are getting on the water usually around 7:00 am paddling until about 6:00 pm. Oftenttimes, they grab lunch, on the go.

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