Traveling the Arctic Skies

West and Jeff were scheduled to fly out on Friday, August 26 at 9:30 am. They had requested I look for an earlier flight because, despite the hospitality shown to them in Arctic Bay, they were [...]

All Good Things Must Come To An End

This morning, the team on the ground (West & Jeff), expedition logistics (Tom McGuire) and expedition management (Barbara Edington) along with GM of Arctic Bay Adventures (Mark Lewandoski) all [...]

Arctic Bay or Bust

West and Jeff crossed into Victor Bay by way of Graveyard Point on their way to Arctic Bay through the back door.  They were met there by Mark Lewandoski, a Southern Canadian guy that briefly [...]

Overcast But Progress

Photo Credit: Keith Luke Day 15…241.5 miles Today, the Cowboys got an early start. They had a great night’s sleep, woke up a 6:00 am, had their breakfast and got on their way. They averaged their [...]

Middle of the Night Moves

Day 14…211.5 miles After arriving to set up camp after 10:00 pm last night, the team stopped at a fresh water creek to resupply water.  Well…what they “thought” was a creek.  In the middle of the [...]

Breathtaking Cliffs

After four (4) days of waiting out the weather on the overlook of Bluff Head, the Arctic Cowboys finally made a move on Sunday, 8-14-22.  They paddled 26 miles across the northern coast of [...]

Playing The Waiting Game

After all their hard work yesterday, the team was rewarded by being able to sleep in their long johns without socks.  That was such a bonus.  They said their temporary home was nice and cozy.  [...]