Polar Bear Sighting Ahead

The team got started a little earlier today, as the conditions were ideal. In fact, West was able to shed his shirt while setting up and taking down camp. The sun hitting the water made the [...]

Riding Those Waves

The team got a later start today due to the 25 mph wind gusts that blew their tent around while they were trying to stow their gear in their boats. The winds in the area where they set up camp [...]

Smooth As Glass

The team stayed up until midnight, reorganizing gear after the departure of teammate, Rebekah. They slept in this morning and took things a little slower.

Statement from Rebekah Feaster

It is with a heavy heart that I write this update. Due to some pretty intense nausea caused by sea sickness and anxiety, I decided to bow out of the expedition.

A Whale of a Story

Last night, they set up their bear fence. It took all three of them to ensure it was set up correctly. West brought up a good point: they won’t know if it works unless the line is tripped by a bear.

Slow and steady!

The Arctic Cowboys had a nice day of paddling with the wind at their backs. Final distance was about 13.7 miles They will head out early in the morning after a little re-working of gear weight [...]

Tuktoyaktuk or Bust!

The team strapped their 3 empty kayaks onto Titus’ boat, stored their gear in the center of the boat and stood up for the 2.5 boat ride to Button Point. There was not anywhere to sit, so [...]

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