Are you in the Guinness Book of World Records? No. Guinness is a great beer, but not so great at reporting world records. There is a difference between a "world record" and a "Guinness record". Read more here: Great Beer, Bad Record Keeper

What's the big deal about defining the "source" of a river, like the Amazon? Defining the source of a river isn't all that important, unless you want to compare it with the length of another river or the length of another source of the same river, then it's very important to use the same criteria. As far back as Burton, Speke and Livingstone ("I presume"), explorers launched to parts unknown without first establishing what defines a "source", then argued about it afterwards. I hope my approach offers a universally accepted definition.

Do you make money from sponsors by doing expeditions? No. Some explorers and adventurers make a ton of money, but those rare people are the exception.

What's the toughest thing about going on expeditions? Being away from my family, friends and Texas. Of course, while I'm with my family and friends in Texas, I dream about exploring.

What small things do you value? A good pocket knife, good quality coffee, great smelling soap and old single malt scotch. I also appreciate really good quality gear. If you spend the money on good gear for an expedition, then you only cry once.