How to plan an Expedition

Hell, I don’t know! yet I’m giving a talk about what I’ve learned about planning a large scale, multi-month, multi-person, expensive expedition in some far away places.

I’ll discuss mistakes I’ve made, what seems to work and what doesn’t work, forming a team, finding funding (or not), gear sponsors, fitness regimens, food, bribes, bureaucrats, rescue insurance, appropriate alcohol/drug use, inappropriate alcohol/drug use, men/women/other team dynamics and many, many more fun topics that will guarantee you a successful expedition, or your money back!

To sign up, contact Alessia Faverio and join me online – whether you’re planning an expedition or just want an entertaining hour or so about what we go through to plan expeditions.

Gather your favorite adult beverage and get your questions ready for the Q & A. Monday, 7 pm, December 5th.

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