West and Jeff took a relaxing 17-mile run on the drought-ridden San Marcos River in central Texas to scout a section of the Texas Water Safari course. Far from a tough workout, they took an Alumicraft canoe and just kept an easy pace. For this year’s 260-mile Texas Water Safari, they are in a 45-foot six-person canoe with: Jack Hopkins, Cyril Derreumaux, Rebekah Feaster, and Jonathan Zeek. The carbon-fiber six-person racing canoe won’t corner near as well as this 17-foot Alumicraft, so a lot of scouting and choreography will be in order to make it down the difficult first 90 miles of the race.

Team members use the training for the TWS as a natural way to train for the 2023 Arctic Cowboys Northwest Passage Kayak Expedition.

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