Jimmy Harvey, West Hansen and Jeff Wueste

West Hansen is a member of the Explorers Club and has led two landmark expeditions down the entire Amazon and Volga Rivers. He has completed 20 260-mile Texas Water Safari races, including multiple class wins, one speed record and two overall wins. He has several overall wins and set speed records in the Missouri River 340 canoe race.

Jeff Wueste is an avid canoeist and river runner, Jeff met West Hansen 30 years ago during his discovery of marathon canoe racing.
Jeff worked as a river guide prior to racing but once he paddled his first Texas Water Safari he was hooked.
Fast forward to 2012, West is assembling his team for the Amazon Express. Jeff is a natural fit having raced together for more than two decades.
In 2014 Jeff joined West again, this time for the first descent of Europe’s longest river, the Volga in western Russia.
When Jeff’s not living large, you can find him in central Texas turning steel into structures in his contracting business.
Next summer, however Jeff’s looking forward to ditching his Carhartts for a paddling parka and heading to the Canadian Arctic.

Pam LeBlanc - Embedded Adventure Journalist https://pamleblancadventures.com

Pam LeBlanc is an Austin-based adventure journalist who spent 21 years as a staff writer at the Austin American-Statesman before going freelance. She now writes about fitness, travel and outdoor adventure for publications including the Statesman, Texas Monthly, the Houston Chronicle, Texas Highways Magazine, Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, Real Simple and more. A graduate of Texas A&M University and two-time winner of the Barbara Jordan Media Award, her first book, a collection of stories as told by conservationist J. David Bamberger, is due out in spring 2020. Most days you can find her swimming, biking or running around Austin, lugging a backpack through the mountains or scuba diving someplace with clear water and lots of marine life.

Chief Support - Jason Jones

Jason was born June of 1962 & raised on the Texas Gulf Coast. He graduated from Victoria High School in 81 as a Regional Track & Field Hurdle qualifier. He then attended Victoria College and completed his degree in Respiratory Therapy. He attended South West Texas State University graduating with a BS in Physiology, minoring in Business. He fought on the SWTSU Karate Team where he received fighter of the year in 1982-83. Jason went on to received his Masters Degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Austin Texas, later opening Lakeway Acupuncture.
Jason joined the US MarineReserves as a Battalion & Force Recon Special Operative while attending College and after 8 years in the Marines he transitioned to the USAir Force as a C-130 Aircrew Weights & Balance Engineer where he retired in 2010. He has served in numerous Humanitarian, Police and War efforts for the US in many countries to include, Panama, Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan to name a few.
In 2017 Jason raced in the 50th Anniversary of the Baja 1000 with the Moss Brothers of California as their team took first place in the Class 3 Division. He can often be found fishing the Texas Gulf Coast, hiking the mountains of Colorado or New Mexico, paddling the Rio Grande River or dirt biking the Chihuahua desert. Jason was a team member of the Historic Amazon Source to Sea Expedition in 2012 with West Hansen as well as the Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition in 2014. Jason currently resides in Terlingua Texas where he and 2 friends own & operate “Ocotillo Adventure Lodging” BNB. He is also working with several friends soon to open the new Terlingua Sotol which is produced in Mexico.
He considers life not so much the destination as the journey it takes to get there, but he will see it through with a smile & salude.