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Arctic Cowboys Live Feed!

Follow along as West, Jeff, and Rebekah begin their expedition north for an epic expedition paddling the entire Northwest Passage beginning early August!

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The 2023 Arctic Cowboys Northwest Passage Kayak Expedition

“Through a Land so Wild and Savage”

Departing around the beginning of July, depending on sea ice conditions, the team will once again launch from Baffin Bay and kayak west into the Passage. This year, they’re taking a larger team (5 – 6 kayakers), tandem kayaks, and plan on more “downtime” secondary to wind/wave/weather conditions that ate up valuable food/fuel in 2022. Additionally, the larger team size will give the team more flexibility and the tandem kayaks will provide more speed in rougher water conditions.

Arctic Cowboys Northwest Passage Kayak Expedition

The Arctic Cowboys are back!


After withdrawing from their attempt to kayak the entire 2000+ mile Northwest Passage in 2022 after 260-miles, team members have taken the valuable lessons they learned and will apply them to their 2023 expedition.


For 2023, the team will prepare for up to 8 weeks without resupply in order to cover the distance from Baffin Bay to their first resupply point at Cambridge Bay – roughly halfway through the Passage. Granted, they may be able to arrange a resupply drop if sponsorship funding and/or grants are approved. Additionally, the team is working on funding for a documentary crew to cover this historic expedition and has been coordinating efforts with a prize-winning production company.


The team has upgraded their video/photography gear with the latest hi-def equipment and is testing satellite transfers for still shots.


Please contact us directly for sponsorship opportunities and follow the team along in real-time this summer.


It’ll be an exciting trip!

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