west hansen

ultra-marathon canoe racer and expedition leader


Texas Water Safari Live Feed!

Follow along as West and the team paddle in this epic race to the finish line beginning Saturday June 10th!

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west hansen
leading expeditions
since 2012

west hansen leading expeditions since 2012

In 2012, at age 50, West Hansen began leading expeditions in the legendary faraway places of our ever-shrinking world. Fueled by the lure of a daily existence devoid of constant electronic input while traveling at a natural pace, the expeditions also seek out routes that have yet to be attained by others, though often attempted. While his primary mode is through canoe and kayak paddling, given his extensive history of ultra-marathon canoe racing, expeditions based on terra firma are on the horizon.

In spite of his hesitations with immediate electronic input, West has this website to provide information, education, entertainment and perhaps a bit of a spark for anyone interested in getting out there and experiencing the world at its own pace.

No expedition succeeds on the efforts of one person. I have been aided by some of the most experienced and able explorers and supporters on the planet and want to pass on what I was given. Please contact me if I can be of any help on your expedition, speak at your event, host a viewing of our Amazon documentary, book signing or simply talk about exploration.

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