S2E14: West Hansen – Paddling the Amazon and Arctic & how to know your limits

Art of Adventuring: Inside the minds of inspiring explorersIn a continuing series at the World Explorers Collective podcast digging deeper into the Art of Adventuring: Inside the minds of inspiring explorers, we have the pleasure of hosting West Hansen, a world-renowned adventurer, and explorer.

Hansen is known for his incredible feats of physical endurance and exploration in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. In 2012, he paddled the entire length of the Amazon River, covering over 4,000 miles in just over six months, making history as one of only a few people to achieve this incredible feat.

Hansen and his team, “The Arctic Cowboys,” are planning to make history again by being the first to cross the Northwest Passage in a kayak. The attempt was made in 2022 but had to be abandoned, and they plan to try again.

Today, Hansen will share with us his experiences, the right preparation and mindset needed for such expeditions, and how he overcomes his limits. We hope you enjoy this episode of the World Explorers Collective podcast!

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