Tough days are just part of an expedition

Since the beginning of the expedition, the team has endured high, gusting winds and 5 foot waves, at times. Yesterday was no exception. In fact, out of the 3 days, it was their most challenging.

All team members handled it like the cowboys they are. Ideally, the team would like to get in 35 miles each day. It takes a few days to work out the kinks & get into a rhythm. After the beating they took yesterday, they decided get some rest & wait out the last of the high winds this morning. Once they landed after 6 miles, it was realized they left some gear at their previous camp. Jeff drew the short straw and was the one to paddle back and get it.

Tomorrow, they will get an early start and make up some mileage since the wind is very light and giving them a push from behind.

—Barbara Edington

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