Statement from Rebekah Feaster

It is with a heavy heart that I write this update. Due to some pretty intense nausea caused by sea sickness and anxiety, I decided to bow out of the expedition. I was not able to intake enough nutrition to keep up with the demands being placed on my body and I realized we needed to start making the kind of mileage I couldn’t manage.

Jeff and West were incredibly kind and understanding of my situation and did everything they could to make it possible for me to stay out there. It was a gut wrenching decision and I feel pretty beat down right now. My team mates are some of the best people I’ve come to know and I miss the conversations, story telling, and jokes already. They really know how to make me laugh. I’m cheering for them so hard from land now and if anybody can tackle this challenge, it’s these two! A special thanks to our support crew who is doing an amazing job! We could not do this thing without y’all.

Until the next adventure, this Arctic Cowboy is signing off.

-Rebekah Feaster

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