Sargent to Galveston!

The team got a little bit of a late start this morning. Unfortunately, the mud got the better of the truck and Pam was stuck. They guys attempted to push her out but the mud won. She eventually got ahold of the constable that helped them out yesterday and help arrived.

The team paddled through gates where the Brazos River met the Intercoastal Waterway. West said this was a challenging effort because they had to paddle UP the Brazon and it was flowing really well. Everyone did well. The area where the gates block off the water was pretty tight and offered a different perspective. It was great.

In Freeport, West saw our dad, Ed Hansen and sister, Gina. They found a great spot at a restaurant, Deronos Dive Shop, to sit and wait and enjoy the day. Then, a little bit further up the waterway, they found Phil Bunker and his wife, Edie. They are neighbors of West’s from Austin, living in the same subdivision. Phil and Edie gave them Gatorade and water. It was just in time because they were getting ready to get out and source more water. The team always loves to see people wherever they go. Once they landed on Galveston Island, they set up camp near San Luis Pass. While there, they met Cole Atteberry, a Southwestern graduate (Georgetown, Tx). Cole took Branndon into town to buy some bug spray and Cokes. The guys say “thanks” to Cole and “good luck” with your next fishing trip!

Tomorrow, their route will stay close to the inside of Galveston Island. They will go to the inside of Pelican Island in the harbor. While traffic will be heavier, they will all continue to wear their PFD’s, travel together, wear bright clothes and take their time crossing the ferry path over to Boliver Peninsula. At that time, they will make the decision to either continue up the ICW or go up the coast in the Gulf. The determining factor will be weather/wind direction.

All members of the team are in great spirits, enjoyed the day and are excited about getting closer. Speaking of…today was 38.7 miles. 65.6miles to go. This is subject to change based on their final path.

Branndon Bargo, Jeff Wueste and West Hansen in Freeport, Tx. Photo: Ed Hansen
West introducing the team to his dad in Freeport, Tx. Photo: Gina Hansen
West giving the wave in Freeport, Tx. Photo: Ed Hansen
Branndon, Phil Bunker, Jimmy, Jeff and West getting a much needed water refill provided by Phil and wife Edie. Photo: Edie Bunker

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