Rebekah Feaster – A Tired and Sore Happy Camper

The last few weeks have been tough trying to juggle training for IM 70.3 Switzerland, training for the Expedition, playing host to family who were visiting, and generally keeping up with life. I’ve had to take some time to remember to breath and just hope for the best when I can’t seem to finish everything on my to-do list.

I got to pick up my spray skirt yesterday at a local shop I’ve been working with here in town (CS Canoe). The owner is a well known kayak builder in Europe and he is currently letting me rent one of his boats for training.

It’s getting a little bit warmer here in northern Italy so my runs are not as fun as in the colder months. On my 10 miler yesterday, I resorted to carrying big ice cubes in my hands and raising my arms up to let the cold water drip down to my torso. It actually worked really well but it seemed bizarre to be trying to cool myself down when in a few short weeks I’ll be in the arctic wishing for some of this warm weather. I’m trying to soak up the sunshine and mild temps while I can!

Today involved a 3000m swim at a local pool followed by a 2 hour paddle on the River Livenza which runs close by my house in Sacile, Italy. I haven’t paddled in a little while so my hands need to toughen up again. I was sporting a few blisters by the end. Lots of cardio coupled with being outside make me a happy camper even though my body is sore and tired.

Cheers to more training tomorrow!

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