Playing The Waiting Game

Photo Credit: Alexander Hafemann

After all their hard work yesterday, the team was rewarded by being able to sleep in their long johns without socks.  That was such a bonus.  They said their temporary home was nice and cozy.  Their expedition manager (Moi) suggested they not get too cozy.  They have a lot of work to do.  They concurred and itching to get going.  They said it’s a little depressing to be sitting this out.

All of their clothes have dried, they scouted and secured fresh water about ¼ mile away and hung out in the room all day.  Rains were light but winds and waves were “huge”.  They are bored but are feeling much better in their room versus hugging this out in their tent.  Today was their first day shut in the dark.  They said it’s going to be a long four days but not as long as if it were in a tent.  That fact was reiterated several times throughout our update.  They set up a crude “bathroom” area with a “toilet and lid” so they don’t have to go outside.  The boats are secured inside another buildings mud room.  The area they are set up in is a 12’ x 24’ room.  Plenty of space to move around.

They are so bored by our update this evening that they are discussing their dreams.  According to West, next thing they’ll start trying different hairstyles.  They have not seen any bears or other wildlife today but there are lots of tracks all over the place.

They’ll be up early to reinforce the window coverings.  Everything is rattling all around them with the increasing winds.  Tomorrow, winds should be gusting up to 42 mph with sustained winds around 20-25 mph.  They’ll have some rain.  They are glad they are up on a bluff and away from the waves.

–Barbara Edington


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