Northwest Passage Journal Entry 7-26-2022

July 26, 2022

The team headed over to the Parks Canadian office today in order to take a required orientation regarding information about camping in the national park with an unloaded, locked firearm.  The orientation takes about an hour and a half.  Unfortunately, they were not able to complete it today but will go back in the morning to get it taken care of.

After going to the parks office, they headed to the airport to pick up their “dangerous goods” box.  This box contains flairs, fuel, ammunition, bear spray, etc.  The airport only opens when a flight comes in, therefore they had to wait to retrieve their box.  Only one plane a day, is typical.

This afternoon was spent unwrapping kayaks, organizing gear, getting things ready for launch.  There are strong winds coming in on Thursday so they will probably set Friday for ‘the” day.  Their tracking devices will go “live” when they do and you can follow them on their journey.  In fact, they would love it, if you do.

Weather is quite nice, holding in the mid-40’s.  There is sun 24/7 so their timetables are a bit off.  They say it’s really odd.  Tonight, they will all sleep with masks over their eyes.  They are staying in a one bedroom apartment that belongs to a new friend, Diane, who happens to be in Ottawa until November.  Such a lucky break for the team.  Just about everyone they’ve met are very welcoming and accommodating.

Once the team sets off, we will be blogging on a daily basis, so check back often.


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