Matagorda to Sargent

It seems as if the team has gotten into a productive rhythm each day. They are getting on the water usually around 7:00 am paddling until about 6:00 pm. Oftenttimes, they grab lunch, on the go.

This morning, after leaving the Colorado River and turning into the intracoastal waterway, they went through the Army Cops of Engineer locks in Matagorda. According to USACE the locks “provide navigation access through the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, assisting vessels crossing the intersection of the Colorado River”. Immediately, after exiting the locks, they went under a bridge in Matagorda and, much to their surprise, had a couple of friends waving at them from on the bridge. Thanks Natalie Chappell-Hansen! West says he’ll catch up with you later.

Robert Youens and Pam LeBlanc (Pam LeBlanc Adventures), both of Austin, camped with the team after meeting up with them last night. They followed the team while in the comfort of the motor of a Jon boat…probably a smarter idea.

As they arrived in Sargent, they were stopped by the construction of a TxDot swing bridge. They closed the waterway during this construction so the team had to portage around the construction site. The Constables in the area were very helpful and gave them some good advice when the team hits Galveston Island. They set up camp near a bunch of barges which, according to West, is probably the best camp site yet. They had to get things set up quickly because a storm was brewing in the distance. Once I received the pictures of their tents set up, I noticed they are camping in an area full of water! Seriously? The best camping spot yet?

Everyone grabbled a huge burger from “Hookers”. Those burgers looked like the perfect end to a long day

Keeping up?– Paddled 280.7. 104.3 miles to go.

Waterway-closing construction in Sargent. Photo: West Hansen
West watching the construction. Photo: West Hansen
Look at the size of that burger, Jimmy Harvey! Photo: West Hansen
Beautiful skies but look at the ground… Photo: West Hansen
Jimmy Harvey & Jeff Wueste. Photo: West Hansen
Paddlers coming into Matagorda, Tx. Led by Robert Youens/Pam LeBlanc. Photo Credit: Natalie Chappell-Hansen
Storms? What storms? Sunset in Sargent. Photo: West Hansen

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