July 30 – Counting Down the Minutes in Pond Inlet

Held up a few days in Pond Inlet by bureaucracy and now weather, we’ve definitely caught up on sleep and any calories not previously crammed into our formerly fit frames. One upside is that for a fee of $90 Canadian, we’ve been granted permission to camp on desolate shores full of polar bears, with a trigger-locked and unloaded firearm. While we await the window of opportunity for an official launch from Button Point/Point Graham Moore on Bylot Island at Baffin Bay, we’ve entertained ourselves with movies (“Raising Arizona”, “Pulp Fiction”, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”, shows: “Parks and Rec”, “Letterkenny” (hilarious), videos from previous expeditions, “Guy on a Buffalo” and assorted silly videos, daily posts about poo and partner critiques from Freya, eating and more eating, tweaking our electronics, walks, journals, reading, napping and, of course, committing philosophy. We’ve also been keeping up with Karl Kruger  who began making his way west-to-east across the Northwest Passage a few days ago on a stand up paddle board (Go, Karl!). Now and then one of us will be stricken with a handstand. Here’s a brief montage of some of our activities:

Morning Report with Jeff and West

Morning Weather – July 30

Rebekah Defies Gravity

Rebekah Defies Gravity Part Two

Rebekah is Accosted by A Puppy

West Takes a Walk Through Pond Inlet in Search of an Onion

West Needs to Have a Talk with Jeff




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