From Russia, With Love to the Arctic


Making our way up to the Canadian Arctic, we’ve been met with several reporters, government officials and regular folks who have questioned, “Have you ever done anything like this before?” without knowing our resume, then some proceed to inform us that it might be cold in the arctic (thanks!).  On some occasions we reference our experience kayaking the entire 2200-mile Volga River in Russia (Europe’s longest river) from source to sea. At the headwaters, it was quite frozen and we did a lot of filming of us going across the ice. With the help of our Expedition Manager, my sister Barbara Edington, I was able to find a trailer that shows some pieces of our 2014 Volga River Expedition. Rebekah laughs hysterically at the scene with us in the Turkish whorehouse. I hope you enjoy the clip, too. Just click on the link above.–West

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