Arctic Bay or Bust

Day 16…260.00 miles

West and Jeff crossed into Victor Bay by way of Graveyard Point on their way to Arctic Bay through the back door.  They were met there by Mark Lewandoski, a Southern Canadian guy that briefly lived in Houston, of all places.  It’s amazing the people I find and meet through the power of social media.  (I always amaze myself)  Mark will be putting the guys up in his house, providing 3 home cooked meals a day and getting them and their kayaks and gear wherever they need to go.

They guys immediately ate a lunch of egg salad wraps and Thai coconut soup or spicy ranchero soup.  Then, they went to the local co-op and purchased an amazing amount of junk food.  Now, they are getting showered and cleaned up before downloading pictures so we can post them.  They will start planning and organizing a departure date and developing a plan for the next part of their expedition.  They’ll participate in two interviews tomorrow in order to share their journey with more of the world.

Stay tuned for pictures and videos that will be shared as we can sort and organize through them.


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