3rd Coast Epic Kayak Journey Take Off!

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX – MAY 20, 2020 – 3rd Coast Cowboys Epic Kayak Journey paddlers West Hansen, Jeff Wueste, Jimmy Harvey, Branndon Bargo and Tim Curry round the jetties at the southern end of South Padre Island on their way north to Sabine Pass on the Louisiana border. Photo Credit: Erich Schlegel
The team getting their kayaks geared up before leaving from Padre Island. Photo Credit: Erich Schlegel
Grabbing a quick bite to eat before starting out. Photo Credit: Erich Schlegel
Jimmy Harvey, Branndon Bargo, West Hansen, Jeff Wueste, Tim Curry. Photo Credit: Erich Schlegel
All are in great spirits. Photo Credit: West Hansen
Set up camp after 22.6 miles on Padre Island. Photo Credit: West Hansen

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