The Amazon from Source To Sea Book

The Amazon: From Source to Sea


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Peeled Faces On The Amazon


In 2012, a new source of the Amazon River was discovered. It was 70 miles further than the previously held source and solidified the Amazon, with scientific proof, as the longest river on the planet. A group of guys from Texas, along with white water support from a international group of expert white water kayakers, became the first to attempt this first descent of the Amazon River from its most distant source. Beginning at almost 15,000 feet in the snowcapped Peruvian Andes, the team overcame altitude sickness, deadly uncharted rapids, poor quality coffee, inter-team strife, gunfire, drug runners, pirates, injuries and the opposing forces of the world's largest and longest river. Paddling through mountains, jungles and swamps over 4200 miles, the team whittled down to three kayakers to reach the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.