Port O’Connor to Matagorda

The team paddled a nice 41.6 miles today, almost getting to Matagorda. They made a quick stop in Port O’Connor and met up with Jason Jones and David Kaiser to reload on water. While leaving Port O’Connor going through the cut, they saw several large alligators.

They chose to paddle along the Matagorda Island Wildlife Preserve Area. West said it’s so beautiful. Again, dolphins played along beside them.

Robert Youens and Pam LeBlanc (Pam LeBlanc adventures) met up with the team about an hour or so before landing for the night. Robert has a boat in Freeport and they grabbed it and headed down to meet the team, as prearranged.

They are all camping along a tiny strip of sand in the reeds. All are hoping for some wind overnight to combat the mosquitos. Weather reports show only a slight wind. They have not encountered any rain, yet, but may find some tomorrow, along the way.

Branndon is feeling much better since the start of the trek. If you recall, he was pretty sick the first couple of days and is still honing his paddling skills but is greatly improved and seems to be enjoying himself. Jimmy stays a little ahead of the group, in his quiet, unassuming way, while the other three (West, Jeff and Branndon) paddle together discussing trivia, music and other simplistic topics.

246.1 miles down. 138.9 miles to go.

Coming into Port O’Connor. Photo: Jason Jones
Talking to a local–Port O’Connor. Photo: Jason Jones
Jimmy Harvey in white. Photo: Jason Jones
Um…Branndon? We are going “that a way”. Photo: Jason Jones
Camp just south of Matagorda. Photo: Jeff Wueste
Dinner Jimmy Harvey & Pam LeBlanc. Photo: West Hansen
Support and friend, Robert Youens. Photo: West Hansen
Thai-Style Chicken…just add water. Photo: West Hansen
Setting up camp. Photo: Jeff Wueste

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