Narrative for 1st day

The team started at 1:00 pm from South Padre Island. The plan was to begin from Boca Chica State Park but, due to the road being closed, they were unable to get there. Apparently, there was an issue with the SpaceX launch last night and they were going to attempt again today. The team paddled 22.6 miles today. According to NOAA, seas were 2-4 feet with a small craft advisory in affect. The team felt the effects of this, for sure, when the daily report included “most everybody” dumped several times and had to get back in their boats. When reporting, all team members were laughing, telling jokes and having a good time. Tents were set up and clothes were laid out to dry. Once they reached their spot, a van was driving down the beach with cold drinks. West said those cold drinks were a welcome sight to see. They’ve been paddling just outside of the break line, about 1/2 mile out. They were able to keep eyes on the shore all day. Camp is set up at the end of a paved road on South Padre Island. ~~Barbara

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