Corpus Christi to Bird Island

The team got an earlier start this morning, as planned. As with all expeditions, it may take a couple of days to find your groove and this one is no different. The team plans to start early each day. They paddled 34.5 miles today, which brings their total paddled miles to 121.5 with 248.5 miles to go.

While paddling today, they met a fisherman named Shawn. Shawn was an extremely friendly, nice guy who obviously knows a thing or two about back bay fishing. He was knowledgeable about the entire area. Shawn has owned a fishing cabin on the island for about 30 years. He asked if they guys needed anything. Yes, water, they said. He not only provided them with 2 gallons of water but also 6 bottles of orange juice! West reported that orange juice was SO good. Shawn was reluctant to be on his way but he was headed to upright his “outhouse” which had blown over in a recent storm. The team passed Shawn. He waved from his deck farther up the channel. They stopped to see if he needed help with his outhouse. It took every one of those 6 guys to get it uprighted. It wasn’t just a mere portable toilet but a complete bathroom on short stilts. It doesn’t matter if we have an expedition in Peru, Russia or along the Texas Gulf Coast, there are great people everywhere we go.

They were met at Bird Island boat ramp by Jason Jones, Pam LeBlanc and Steffen Saustrup (a friend of Jimmy Harvey’s with a place relatively close by). While there isn’t any camping allowed at the boat ramp right now, the team went up the channel a bit for a camping spot for the night.

The plan for tomorrow is to paddle to Rockport or possibly even Aransas Pass. They’ll get an early start and hopefully paddle with the tide,

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