Tim Anglin

Tim is an avid outdoorsman that is open to just about any adventure.  Where many seek wealth and titles, he seeks life experiences in the outdoors.  Tim has multiple finishes in the Texas Water Safari, Yukon River Quest, Colorado River 100, Hood to Coast, and a number of smaller races, most with either category or overall wins.

Having hiked/camped nearly every Texas State Park, he is currently working towards knocking out all 63 National Parks with his two boys, Luke and Wyatt. Then there is the ultimate adventure that he is working towards, circumnavigating the globe by water.  The Northwest Passage by kayak would be an impressive leg.

Tim Anglin - The Arctic Cowboys - Mt Rainer

Tim was born and raised in Texas, where he obtained a degree in Physics at the University of Texas, Dallas.  Currently resides in Plano.

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