2 Bay Crossings & Onward

The team left Rockport this morning with calm winds and smooth waters…finally. Today, they paddled by the Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge. It was described as beautiful, void of trash and lush. It was very peaceful.

Breakfast and lunch was barbecue from Peter’s BBQ in Ellinger, Tx. West says this is the best BBQ anywhere. They munched down on ribs and brisket delivered last night by Lizet, West’s wife, while they were in Rockport.

As they were crossing San Antonio Bay, West said the water was so smooth without winds until the very end and, even then, they weren’t bad.

If you’re keeping track, they paddled 37.4 miles today. They’ve traveled 204.5 with 180.5 miles to go.

As they head up the coast, if you’re anywhere along their path, they would love to have you come out and give them a wave. In case you didn’t know, West is a big “waver”. He loves to wave at people everywhere he goes.

This little spit of land was their lunch landing spot today. Branndon was on a business call. I think someone said “are you still on your little boat ride?” Photo: Jimmy Harvey
West Hansen & Jeff Wueste, amazing paddling partners. Photo: Jimmy Harvey

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